Welcome to Computer Engineering

  • filter_dramaVision
    • To empower the people by enabling students to be technologically skilled, innovative, ethical and pride resource of global world.
  • placeMission
    • To serve society by empowering students by establishing state-of-the-art Engineering and Research Institute and impart attitude, knowledge and skills through Quality Education to develop self reliant individual and teams.
  • whatshotProgram Outcome
    • Enable students to apply the technical knowledge to solve engineering problem.
    • Encourage the students for research and higher studies.
    • Enable to obey the professional ethics in the society.
    • Inspire to effectively co-ordinate in the team and with individuals.
    • To retain and sustain gifted individuals’ specialty.
    • Communicate effectively using new technology on engineering activities.
    • To cultivate the quality of leadership.
    • To create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, recourses to complex engineering activities.
    • To able to manage projects as well as multidisciplinary environment.
    • Encourage students to actively organize and participate in social activities.
    • Improve the ability to be adaptable with technological change.
    • To understand the need for sustainable development in different environments
  • whatshotProgram Education Outcome
    • Industry-ready and Skilled Engineers: To prepare graduates to acquire a fulfilling profession for employment in industry or academia, and postgraduate study in engineering.
    • Core Competence: Develop competence in applying knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering; enabling graduates to solve engineering problems in a modern technological society as valuable productive engineers.
    • Multifaceted Professionals: To provide opportunity for students to work as part of teams on multidisciplinary project. To develop ethics, team work abilities and communication skills in the students
    • Learning Environment: To provide lifelong learning environment for students. Make them familiar with recent trends and emerging technologies in Computer and IT world.
    • Ethical Professionals: To instill a sense of social, professional-ethical responsibility and an ability to communicate effectively.
  • whatshotProgram Specific Outcome
    • To be able to advance himself according to dynamic world of Computer and IT
    • To cultivate ability to communicate and develop knowledge using diverse means of technology

Department at Glance

Department Laboratories

List of Faculties
Sr No   Name Department Designation Qualification Experience
1 Pallavi Jha Computer HOD & Assistant Professor BE(IT), ME(Comp), PhD(Comp) 10.0
2 Shrawankumar Asrani Computer Assistant Professor B.E (Electronics), M.B.A(Mktg.) 30.0
3 Ajaypal Singh Computer Assistant Professor M.Tech(CSE), B.E(IT) 10.0
4 Atul Mokal Computer Assistant Professor BE(IT), ME(CE) 8.0
5 Arpit Computer Assistant Professor B.Tech(CSE), MS( IT) 8.0
6 Sagar Latke Computer Assistant Professor BE(CSE), ME(CN) 6.5
7 Sonali Khairnar Computer Assistant Professor BE(CE), ME(CE) 6.0
8 Kirti Randhe Computer Assistant Professor BE , ME(Computer Engineering) 3.0
9 Vinay Thamke Computer Assistant Professor M.Tech (CSE-IT), BE (CSE), Gate Qualified 2.4
10 Mohan Ambikar Computer Technical Assistant Diploma(Comp) 5.0