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Dr. Bharati Pawar
B.Sc(CHEM), M.Sc(Org. CHEM), PHD(CHEM), SET & Diploma in Patent Law(WIPO)
Expertize in:Organic Synthesis specially Natural Product Synthesis, Method Development. Experience of multi-step preparations and synthesis. Well trained to use STN, SCIFinder, Micropatent and Delphion databases along with Chemistry Software for drawing and searching

Work and Experience 1. Working as Assistant Professor in Engineering Chemistry , CEO & Dean Admin. In ISB&M School of Technology Nande Pune, from July 2016 to present.
2. Worked as Assistant Professor in Engineering Chemistry & Head of Department for Engineering Science in ISB&M School of Technology Nande Pune, from Jan 2012 to July 2016.
3. Worked as Junior Scientist in IndoGlobal Knowledge Private Limited, Pune, India.
Job profile includes major contribution in development of „eLabTool‟, a chemistry software for organic synthesis in R & D labs. The contribution towards domain includes literature search for collection of different types of reactions, its classifications and detailed process towards development of synthesis module. Worked on product architecture development such as protocols writing, Requirements Analysis, Developing Functional Specifications, Developing Prototype, Database structure, and GUI for product. (Mar 2008 - July 2010).
3. Worked as Project Assistant-II in a project sponsored by:Astra Zeneca at Unit for Research and Development of Information Product (URDIP, CSIR Lab) Pune. (Jan 2005-2007).
Job profile mainly included literature search, patent search, patent analysis, patentability search for molecules in different databases (Free and Paid databases).
4. Worked as Project assistant – II on sponsored project by: ArQuele Ins. USA titled „ArQuele Intermediates Product Synthesis’ at National Chemical Laboratory, Pune (May 2001-Jan 2003).
Research & Publications 1. Pawar, B.V., Waghmare, B.Y., Lokhande, P.D. (2007). A Simple Synthesis of a-Methyl-g-keto Acids .ChemInform , 38 (9) , 1 , ISSN (print/online): 1522-2667 .
2. Pawar, B., Lokhande, P. (2006). A simple synthesis of α-methyl-γ-ketoacids . Indian Journal of Chemistry-Section B Organic and Medicinal Chemistry , 45 (11) , 2549-2551 . Google Scholar Citations: 1 , ISSN (print/online): 0376-4699 / 0975-0983 . URL/DOI:
3. Gaikwad, D.D., Renukdas, S.V., Kendre, B.V., Pawar, R.P., Lokhande, P.D. (2006). Convenient and facile synthesis of isoxazolines to isoxazoles and pyrazolines to pyrazoles by using DMSO-I 2. Organic Chemistry: An Indian Journal , 2 (1-3) , 28-31 , ISSN (print/online): 0974-7516 . URL/DOI:
4. Pawar, B.V., Lokhande, P.D (2009). Facile and chemoselective cleavage of allyl carboxylic ester utilizing NaBH4 in DMSO. Synthetic Communications , 39 (14) , 2445-2453 , ISSN (print/online): 0039-7911 / 1532-2432 .URL/DOI:
5. Nawghare, B.R., Gaikwad, S.V., Pawar, B.V., Lokhande, P.D. (2014). A convenient method for lactonization of α-allyl esters using iodine in dimethylsulphoxide. Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia , 28 (3) , 469-473 . Google Scholar Citations: 1 , WoS Citations: 1 , ISSN (print/online): 1011-3924 / 1726-801X . URL/DOI:
5. Unexpected Sodium borohydride promoted removal of C-Allyl group in -Allyl--Keto-Esters, Pawar, B.; Lokhande, P. D. under preparation for Angewandte Chemie International Edition.
Conference International & National:
1. Michael addition of masked acyl anion to , - unsaturated ester in synthesis of ,  and -Ketoesters, International Conference on New Bioactive Molecules in Pharmaceutical Research Contribution of Natural Products at IICT Hyderabad (INDO-US CCNP) in Nov 2006.
2. Synthesis of Naturally Occurring -Substituted--Butyrolactone from Corresponding Carboxylic Ester, presented in International Conference on Emerging Trends in Chemical Sciences [ICETCS 2007] at University of Mumbai in Jan 2007.
3. Synthesis of Naturally Occurring , , -Trisubstituted-- Butyrolactone from corresponding -Ketoester, presented in International Research Symposium on “Recent Development in Chemistry” at Department of Chemistry, University of Pune, Feb
4. Green One-Pot Multicomponent Synthesis of -Alkyl--Ketoesters via Michael Addition, Presented in UGC-SAP National Seminar on Synthesis of New Materials for Industrial Applications AND awarded as Best Oral Presentation, at Shivaji University Kolhapur, 1 Feb 2008.
5. Synthesis of , -Disubstituted--Butyrolactone by the Oxidative Iodocyclization
from Corresponding -Allyl Carboxylic Ester, Presented in UGC conferences at University of Pune 18th Nov 2007.
6. Synthesis of ,-Substituted--Butyrolactones from ,  and -Ketoesters via
Michael addition of masked acyl anion to , - unsaturated ester, Presented in
Research Symposium on “ Advance in Chemistry” at Department of Chemistry, University of Pune, March 2008.
7. Mild and Selective NaBH4/MeOH Mediated Deallyalation of, alpha-Allyl esters and amines, Presented in International conference on” Emerging Trends in Chemistry “ organized by Department of Chemistry University of Pune from 5-7 Jan, 2010.
Workshops & FDPs Conducted/Organised/Attended National level workshop on Sensitization & Technological Empowerment of woman teachers/researchers/scientists for their S&T Endeavour’s. in Sep. 25, 2015 Organised by S.P.P. U. & National Science Academy India.
Awards and Achievements 1. 12th Rank in National Merit List of University of Pune in 1998. 2. Awarded 'National Merit Scholarship ' from University Grant Commission (UGC) 1998-1999. 3. Awarded 'Suman Kavthekar Trust Foundation Fellowship‟ in M. Sc. I Year 1998-1999. 4. Awarded ' Prof. Ronald D McKelvey USA Foundation ' fellowship in M. Sc. II Year 1999-2000.