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Shubhangi Joshi
BE(Electronics), ME(VLSI), PhD*
Expertize in:Communuinication,VLSI

Work and Experience Total 17yrs in Academic
1. Worked as Associate Professor in RDTCSCSCOE
-Bhor ,Pune,from July 2017 to February 2018.
2. Worked as a Assistan Professor in PICT Pune
from 2nd June 2015 to June 2017.
3. Worked as a Assistant Professor in MESCOE
Pune-01 since June 2013 till Nov2014.
4. Worked as a Assistant Professor in JSPM’S
BSIOTR(W) Wagholi since Dec 2011till June 2013.
5. Worked as Assistant Professor, in P.D.E.A’S
College of Engg. Hadapsar, Punefrom Oct 1999
to Dec 2011.
Research & Publications Sr.No. Title of the Paper
1 performance comparison of DSP &VHDL implementation of TCM
2 Application of Real Cepstral Analysis
3 VLSI Architecture for Channel CODEC In Wireless Application
4 SCADA & Its application In Rail Monitoring
5 Time Clocks and Ordering of Events in Distributed Systems
6 VLSI Architecture for Channel CODEC In Wireless Application
7 VLSI Based Data Security System
8 VLSI structure for Convolution CODEC
9 Water marking for Colour Images for Block Based and Non Block Based by using 4-Bit DWT Method
10 Milimeter Based Mixer Circuit in Baseline CMOS Technology: A Review
11 Water marking for Block Based images by using DWT Method
12 FFT Architectures: A Review
13 Low power High Speed Arithmetic Unit
14 Information Hiding technique for Data Security using FPGA
15 Pedestrian Detection Using Image Processing
16 FPGA Based High Speed FFT and IFFT Module for OFDMA
17 Modified Vedic Multiplier : A Review

18 PID Control of a double link (2-link) flexible robotic manipulator (2-DOF) in the 3 DE space
Workshops & FDPs Conducted/Organised/Attended Sr.No. Title of Workshop
1 Total quality Management
2 HRD Programme
3 workshop for detailed discussion & Implementation of S.E. (E&TC /Elx) curriculum-2003
4 VLSI chip Design
5 VLSI Design
6 Workshop on Drafting S.E. syllabus (E&TC /Elx) curriculum-2008
7 Global ICT standedization of India
8 Advanced VLSI & Embedded System
9 Emerging Trends in J2EE Web Technology
10 Mathematical Methods in Research Engineering -Seminar
12 Enterprise Application Development using Spring 2.5
13 Wavelets
14 Symposium
15 FDP
16 Research Methodology & Mathematical Modeling with Labview
17 Wavelets and its Applications In Signal & Image Processing
18 Faculty orientation workshop on BE syllabus (E&TC /Elx) curriculum-2012
19 Signal & Image Processing on FPGA
20 IP & Patent Lifecycle

Workshop Organized
1 MATLAB applications
2 Embedded System Design & Mobile making